This web page was originally created in a desperate attempt to express our Thanks to the many, many people that have been contributing in the search for our son, grandson and nephew BRENDAN, which has been missing since January 6, 2003. His father, Ivan Henk has meanwhile admitted to and has been convicted and sentenced for murdering his son.

If you have just recently moved to Omaha or it's surrounding areas and want to read the events that led to the creation of this web site, you can still find articles and timeline about it here.
According to Ivan's confessions and DNA testing, there is very little room for doubt that Brendan is at this time buried under tons and tons of trash in the landfill of Sarpy County. The thought of this is so unbearable and unacceptable, we are desperate to have Brendan found and give him at the very least a decent final resting place.
Until Brendan's body is actually found, we can not and will not give up.

We are so totally in awe and at a loss of how we can ever thank all the wonderful people, which have taken part in the search for Brendan, have prayed and cried with us and for us. In their compassion they have devoted time to help in the search, offering equipment and supplying nourishments to the searchers and police officers.
We want to make a (someday hopefully complete) List of volunteers and organizations we know off on this web site in reco
gnition for their kindness and help, and as a THANK YOU for restoring our faith in people at a time when we needed it renewed most.

The Good still outweighs the Evil

It has now been 5 years since we have been without our precious little boy. His picture is not on any newspapers front covers anymore and other horrific stories are now making the local news headlines. The world expects us to have gotten over it by now, and we do our best to continue with life.
Rebecca has completed her Engineering degree with high honors, and is now having an amazing career as a "Measurement and Logging while drilling engineer", working on oil rigs all over the US, based out of Louisiana. I can just imagine the big pride-filled eyes of Brendan, if he could see his Mom now. He'd think his Mom is just so 'coooooool.....
'. (By the way.....Grandma thinks so too) :)

Although we never really wanted to face an empty grave for Brendan, Debbie Thiessen, the supervisor at the 911 Cass County Sheriff's Office in Plattsmouth, had collected donations and with the help of the Cass County community, she collected more then $2100. Debbie wants to let everyone that made donations in memory of Brendan, know where the money went.
She spoke with the Oakhill Cemetery Board and secured a little island lot with a Christmas tree on it at the Oakhill cemetery. Apparently Keith Roby of the Roby Funeral Home in Plattsmouth lend her a hand in choosing a very special stone. Debbie thought the community and the family may feel free to go and spend time at the monument at the Cemetery.
A dedication including a short service will take place on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th at 2:00 pm at the Oakhill Cemetery. Debbie has made all the arrangements for this service.

Thank you Plattsmouth! Thank you Debbie!
We hope to see you there!

At this special dedication ceremony, Rebecca will also meet with Dean VandenBiesen, owner of Chicago based LifeGem Created Diamonds Company. She will hand him the remaining locks of Brendan’s hair. Together they will create a 1 carat memorial diamond from Brendan’s hair.  LifeGem ® is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of a loved one as a memorial to their unique life. If you are interested, you can take a tour of this most interesting process here.
We still hope to one day recover Brendan from the landfill, or at the least, the possibility of a memorial park in his name when the landfill is eventually closed. Until then “My son will forever be in my heart, and LifeGem will provide me with a part of him to keep forever.  A sparkling brilliant light, just as Brendan was in life.”
If you would like to help Rebecca to make this endevour possible, you can do so here


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You can e-mail Rebecca if you want to send a personal word or just a hello. And if you have any comments on the web site, e-mail Hanna , Brendan's grandmother and webmaster of this site. She would love to hear from you.

Heart breaking as this website is already, you may just want to go for the extra punishment of reading the deep-felt poems, which were written by Brendan's then 14 year old (now 18 , going on 30) aunt Nancy.

And last but never least.....we hope you enjoy this picture album of Brendan, which we have created with just a few of the most memorable pictures. It will take a little time to load, especially on a 56k modem or slower, so please be patient. It is well worth the wait....but if you just really have to much trouble downloading the can just look at a few of our favorite memories of Brendan here.

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