Listed here are links to articles from the Omaha World Herald and local broadcast channels, as they covered the news when it all happened.

Timeline of the Brendan Gonzalez case
When it first began
January 7th news broadcast
Searching for Brendan
Searching for Brendan's body
Search suspended
Release of Balloons
Police offers reward
Cadaver dogs to assist in search
Father denies knowledge of Brendan's whereabouts
Search at the sandpit
More from the sandpit
Ivan's outburst in court
Ivan admits he killed Brendan
Searching the landfill
The end of search at the landfill
Showing off about his suicide attempt
A demon's attempt to save the world?
A year after his disappearance
Motions to dismiss evidence
Ivan's lawyers contest interrogations
Intent to claim insanity
Ivan had delusions since a year
2 years, but still no trial
Finally a guilty plea
Rebecca wants to restart search

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