I miss the days
when you would talk
about simple pointless things
but in your eyes they were a shock

The simplest things
could make you smile
make your teeth shine
and lips spread a mile

you were always there to cheer me up
and when empty you would fill my cup
you always had something
that would make me laugh

I thought we'd grow up together
I thought we'd last
but now someone else took the prize
your special heart
is their selfish pride


Nothing left
but stabbing pains
his father's selfish theft
and 50 blood stains

Pictures on the wall
and clothes in his room
F ate has yet to fall
and we to face the doom

Silence as we walk
memories in our head
mourning while we talk
no tears left to shed

Tension in our home
reminders everywhere
in our hearts they roam
as if you were still there

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